Monday, July 19, 2010

wannabe "chopped" contestant

I tend to make random posts here on this blog... I spend more time reading others' & enjoy trying new recipes & workouts... However, today I had to make a post.  Yes, I HAD to... according to the Boy.

Before my boyfriend left for work this morning, I asked him, "What should we have for dinner?"  He reply was chicken & broccoli.  I thought, "Hmm.. Okay. BORING!"  I took this as a challenge....

After my first heated yoga experience at CorePower Yoga (which I loved more than the gym.. but shhh, don't let 24hour know that), I returned home to a Yum-O Chia StrawBanana Smoothie.  Then, I took to the kitchen to snoop around.

Whilst my search was going on, I stumbled upon some Laughing Cow.. I thought to myself (like the guy in the Windows 7 shower commercial), "I could stuff some chicken with a broccoli/cheese mixture."

I immediately steamed some broc, took out my food processor, chopped up the broccoli, cheese (I used 3), salt, peppa, & red pepper flakes.  Let me just tell you, it smelled delish.

Once the chicken breasts were thawed, I pounded them out to ~1/3 inch & dusted salt, peppa, and cumin on top.  I flipped the puppies over & spread some of the broc/queso mixture, rolled the chix, and toothpicked 'em up.

I made 4 small chix in a square Pyrex, poured some chicken broth in the dish, and cooked them (covered) for 30 min at 350... uncover and cook another 10.

I made the dish as a surprise for the boy.  He came home & inhaled his pieces.  He immediately said, "You need to publish this on the internet.  Ya know, the recipe place."  I knew he meant my blog/in the blog world...

Needless to say, here I am... posting the recipe.  I recommend you make it.. it was YUM-O!

Love, Haley

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