Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Body

Inspired by Melissa, I wrote some choice words to my body...

Dear Body,

I have spent years in agony because of the many things Ed has told me.  Ed tells me on a daily basis that I should not love you, that I should not accept you, that I need to change you.  Ed says that if I change you, I will be happy.  If I change you, I will be loved and accepted by all.

Ed is wrong.  I know he is.  I wake up each morning and worry about what I will eat..or will not eat.  I am sorry for putting you through the pain the past few years.  I have failed to give you the minerals and vitamins you need; I have not listened to you when you try to tell me you are exhausted; I often ignore the sounds of starvation or feelings of soreness.

You deserve better than the life I am giving you.  You deserve nourishment, happiness, love... It is each day you allow me to laugh with my friends, hug my boyfriend, call my family, and do all of the wonderful things I choose to do.  Food is not our enemy.  Food is for life.  Body, I am writing to you to promise to try my best to accept you for who you are.  You and I only have one life here.. It is too short to be unhappy with you.

Please forgive me.  Please know that I love you and appreciate you for giving me life.  I am blessed to be able to wake up each day, laugh, smile, walk, talk... I have many people that love me.  They do not love me for you (my body).  The people who love me--love me for ME.

So, hang in there.. I am trying my best to realize just how fabulous you and I are...

Love, Haley


  1. Lovely. I hope that Ed took a hike. And you're so right: we should all realize that we are loved for who we ARE, and not for our bodies. But listening to and honoring your body--that is loving it. :)

  2. Well said, Ricki... Thanks for reading & commenting. We definitely should honor our bodies; we only have one shot!

  3. Great letter to your body! I'm so glad you wrote one! it's super empowering isn't it!