Monday, August 23, 2010

going loca...

today has been a crazy day so far & it is 4pm.

we are doing this workshop at my school for the staff that focuses on the hawaiian culture..

a little background regarding my school:  we are based on the pacific american values of love, respect, etc.. so, our admin thought it would be a good idea to bring in a group from Hawaii to enlighten us.  back to my story...

the group of 3 women (while all very nice & i appreciate them coming out this week) came into the room and started speaking eng-ian... (my sorry word for english and hawaiian).  i swear the words coming out of their mouths were gibberish.  i am writing now because i am extremely frustrated.  we have a staff of 8 teachers & only 2 have lived in hawaii.  therefore, the remaining 6 of us don't know a lick of hawaiian.  maybe these women have never had any formal teacher training.  i would have appreciated a little intro to the hawaiian alphabet or maybe some numbers...   JUST BREATHE, HALEY!

enough complaining!!  it is monday & i have a 4 day work week this week because we were given Friday off.  to make things even better, we have next monday off as well!  yippeeee!  once again, i live for the weekend!

breakfast this morning was french toast.  it was so good & filling!  pics to come.....

<3, haley

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