Sunday, August 22, 2010

so fresh & so clean, clean

once again, it has been a while...

things have been crazy around here in san diego.  i started work up again on august 2.  therefore, tons of staff development & getting the classroom/school ready.  i am teaching first grade at a new school in SD.  the building is an old headstart (preschool) building; there is tons of painting and fixing up that is being done.  i am super excited for the year to start on sept 7 though..

i have also been busy with our charger season tickets!  so far there have been 2 preseason games & the boy and i are living it up.  my dad sent us a chargers ez-up for tailgating.  it is pretty sexy...

anywho... i really wish i made more time for my blog.  i think i spend entirely too much of my day on the internet looking up random things & reading through others blogs.  i want to blog more because it is an outlet.  blogging is a way to talk about your day, your life (crazy-sad-happy-exciting-busy-etc.) and send it out to the world.  who knows if it will be read?  but really, for me, that is not what it is about! 

enough about that.. for dinner tonight we stayed FRESH & CLEAN (thanks outkast)..  the boy said he wanted a sunomono salad (cucumbers--like at sushi).  so, i whisked up some rice vinegar, splenda, soy sauce, & ground ginger... mmm

pic is a tad blurry... sorry.  the boy was rushing me!  we also made up some kabobs.. with bell peppers, onions, monster mushrooms, and shrimpys! 

well, it is sunday night.  tomorrow starts another work week.. we will see how thing blogging keeps up.  i hope it does =)  night all...

<3, haley

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